Welcome to the Float-A-Saurus Store

Coach Ann Moore has been providing ISR or Infant Swimming Resource survival swim lessons for the children of Boise for over 15 years. ISR lessons focus strictly on drowning prevention. We provide one-on-one lessons tailored to each child to teach him/her how to save themselves in the water until help can arrive. ISR is a national program with over 8 million ISR lessons taught to date.

The Boise ISR Fundraising Committee is seeking ways to help build a permanent, indoor pool home for ISR in our community. The constant disruption of the ISR swim schedule caused by pool lease issues and changes is causing a decrease in the number of kids that can be reached with our program.

It is critical that we have our own place to call home before another child is lost to drowning. Additionally, it is important to provide a home for future trained ISR instructors to teach the skills taught within the ISR program thus maximizing the opportunity to reach more families. Yup, it will take a village to make this mission to become a reality.

Our store, Float-A-Saurus, was created as one of many ways to raise funds for the "Forever Home" for Boise ISR. I am forever grateful to the Boise ISR parents who have contributed their time and efforts in helping me to build our store, Float-A-Saurus. All of the art work is custom commissioned and designed with fun in mind.

Hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do!
Not One More Child Drowns,
Coach Ann Moore


Our friendly floating dinosaur, demonstrating ISR floating technique.
All of our art work for is custom created and unique to BoiseISR, all designed with fun in mind.
Multiple colors and sizes are available from toddler to adult.

Ready for the water!

Our gang of student models helped us to show off our latest fashions, and had fun during the shot.